Travel before…..Your Body & Mind say No.!

Enjoying the Life of travel is not always about far away places, it is more to do with the state of mind you develop as you relax and enjoy your time while you discover places near or far that you have not seen. Life will end, what we should not do is live as if we can always put things off to a time that sometimes does not seem to show up. No one is saying to be irresponsible, we are simply saying not to fall into the trap of believing we have time control.!

My Mom….Mothers day….Gardening Stories.!

My mom told the best stories while working her garden and I played at helping. I remember most that she never removed dandelions, and yes a story why was told.

Mom said : Dandelions are like natures child, they have deep roots to hold on to mother nature, broad leaves to hug lots of space, a beautiful yellow glow like father sun, and when it’s time and they are grown and ready for the world they explode in a burst of cloud like seeds into the wind of discovery.

Happy Mothers day Mom.!

Love Peter