Self-Employment…The start #1

Get a notebook and start writing your reality dream list, not just a wish dream list but an I want dream list. Then take an honest look at your present financial statement and decide if you can save twenty($20.) dollars per week, if more better, but no less than twenty($20.) dollars. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and otherContinue reading “Self-Employment…The start #1”

The Big Mind of Self…Needs to Listen and Step Back !

Had a great time earlier at a Crowd Funding / CO-OP luncheon, we talked about the direction of finance and the great new thing called Crowd Funding. The sad truth is that crowd funding is not new, the name may be but not the concept, and what was truly surprising is that everyone thought they hadContinue reading “The Big Mind of Self…Needs to Listen and Step Back !”