#Winter…#Florida is calling


Looked out the window this morning as I enjoyed the warmth of my coffee cup and started daydreaming Florida.

Old age will not text, phone or email. It will show up, and like winter it’s hard on your body.

Options of winter Florida living for retirement are a phone call or email away.

SunKlub International

1-800-519-7760 or email your questions to info@solutionlifestyle.org 

Places to live in #retirement


Why live your retirement parked at home. Honestly, why waste the time you have.

As you grow to your retirement, health is very important, you need to keep an active routine along with healthy eating habits.

Travel is a great life experience and should be a major part of your retirement lifestyle. We show you options of resort living that keep you active, healthy, happy and sheltered.

SunKlub International

1-800-519-7760 or email questions to info@solutionlifestyle.org