The word retirement has no meaning to many people looking at their pay stub or bank account. This word can be used on a gift card that offers a free meal after work-life, it can also be used as a discount buzzword for targeted advertising. If you believe after all the years of work, enjoyed youth and thinking of life changing moments you have arrived at the retirement stop sign, with some money and some plans that will somehow allow you to enjoy retirement, in a marketplace of rising prices and limited services. We have exciting options to offer.

We are SunKlub International. Our service is focused on retirement accommodation. Not just a place to park old people, we offer an exciting retirement living experience of travel and all-inclusive retirement living. All-inclusive : meals, food, snacks, beverages, activities and honestly, lots more. Retirement, like birth, is a onetime life event.

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#Value or #Victory

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Will education deliver value or victory to the many seeking a path to a better life. I believe the victory in the value of education, is when you receive the life lesson of social interaction, along with the possible ability to earn your way, to your success. Everyone in life learns, some learn in the classroom, others learn from life, maybe we all learn from life and the classroom offers a path to social adaptive living : Get a job, follow the rule of the law, and die broken in poverty. Oh sorry, that last sentence should be. Die happy, accepting the outcome, while saying thanks. I believe that for a society to grow successfully, a strong value based education is needed for all. Everyone.

The Global World of Electronic Social is a platform of vanity not vision, it’s the feel good movement enclosed in rose petals and delivered by advertisers. It’s the media that says, you have the power. This is happiness. The App of your new life is on the Electronic Social platform, it offers guidance on employment, food, places to live, vacation, clothing and the list never stops. Is the guidance of value to your life victory, or is it entertainment. If you wake-up early enough to capture the balance of your life path, you can understand that the Electronic Social is all about marketing. Life is not vanity, it’s ugly and painful, if you catch the dream in time to wake yourself, lets talk about your real retirement living options.

info@solutionlifestyle.org 1-800-519-7760 Kawartha Lakes Ontario, Canada.