Soon we will be back at the beach, planning the next trip, talk without a mask, plan a family and friends get together, have a meal in a restaurant and hug. This will happen, we are a contact animal. It may not happen the rest of this year. But we might be in for a big New Year celebration, or a very Video event.

Soon we will be back at the beach planning the next Snowbird or Winter getaway trip. Will it be on a Cruise Ship or at an all-inclusive resort. When it comes to the norm of vacation, any Travel Agency or online Booking Engine can deliver a mass market package. But if you would like to enjoy how you spend your hard earned money. SunKlub International can start working with your direction on tropical location, suite size, distance from others, meals, beverages, temperature controlled medication storage ( at select properties ) activities and more.

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Chasing Money

The chase starts when you are young and discover what money can purchase, along with how it can change your life. If all you learn at that stage in life is that you need money to enjoy a better life, that’s the first fork in the road. Do you go into the world as a self-starter, creating your own income or do you go into employment, with the hope to be paid what you believe you are worth to achieve your desired lifestyle. Some are lucky to enjoy the Golden Spoon of a Corporate Family, owned by a family that can offer opportunity. For the others, which is most of the population. The chase starts before the sun is up and it never stops.

The Suits will tell you never chase money, create a personality or item that attracts money to you. Honestly. I think it’s the same chase. In the end, meaning when old-age setin and causes an adjustment in your pace of life, you would have what you have. Now the big question: What was the chase for ? The chase of money is to secure you and your lifestyle, financially. To make sure you can live an active, healthy, enjoyable retirement. Not a dependent, stressful, home to home drifting retirement. If you were a member of the F.I.R.E movement ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIRE_movement ) you can understand the importance of planning ahead, it’s ideal to start early enough to take care of your health and plan your lifestyle into old-age. Retirement is not about getting old, it’s about living good into old-age. Retirement is not about getting enough from the Government programs, as not to burden your family. Retirement is about planning, travel, healthy active living and enjoying family.

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