#Retirement by SunKlub International

When you decide to change your work-life to less time working, and focus on the rest of your life. Many call this retirement, along with work-life change you start thinking about the space to occupy while in retirement and the condition of your finance. Finance is better if you are liquid, knowing exactly how much money you hold makes retirement living easier. But if your retirement income is dependent on money paid by a company or organization your retirement living future is dependent on their ability to stay in business or financially exist.

SunKlub International offers options that provide consistent quality accommodation and service. The quality accommodation and service starts by applying hospitality techniques, that avoid many failed Institutional practices. Our platform also ensures that your financial ability to keep living in the program by utilizing escrow trust. To have a conversation and hear more information call 1-800-519-7760 or to read and keep the information, email to info@solutionlifestyle.org

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

#Hospitality and Retirement Living

The hospitality industry is associated with tourism, hotels and travel. SunKlub International applies hospitality to retirement living, offering a level of service to your retirement lifestyle equal to or higher. The properties we engage with, employ our combination of adult care and hospitality in the ongoing team training program, this program ensures that the team understand your medical and active lifestyle needs.( as listed in your escrow-membership contract )


The membership program ensures that in retirement, you enjoy retirement living without the stress. No mortgage or rent payments, no utility bill payments, no maintenance fee payments, no meal charges, no beverage charges, no snack charges, and no activity fee charges. You live an all-inclusive active retirement and snowbird lifestyle.

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