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Your knowledge can help others in places that don’t look like yours, but are safe and friendly.

Don’t judge a book by the cover.

Teach children what you know and watch their minds grow, while you save on your tropical resort lifestyle living cost. 

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Open Minds…Win The Race Part#3

Open Minds...Win The Race Part#3

Hello again. Tonight after long talks over warm coffee (one tea, Wendy drinks tea) we discovered that it is very important to stay within our script, which is based on our early conversations to help us with introduction of our-self, fees, and service. Our target group are life experienced and are ready to discover more, so explaining what we are about and why it cost has to be as simple as asking for a glass of tap water. If you ask someone for a glass of tap water the request is understood, there is no misunderstanding or other meaning, we are what we do and the price is geared to a comfort zone, which is bases on a program that starts with being a walking companion and leads to building a social walking lifestyle group, focused on each members health and well being, all at individual billing.
The great surprise was that after four(4) days the group grew with members inviting friends and the explosion of walking conversation topics went in many directions of interest. The most important item we stumbled upon with this project is that the members were comfortable with billing twice per month and not one monthly bill, we also learned that payment dates of the third(3rd) and the twenty seventh(27th) of the month worked best.

Well we are calling it a night and adding a few more pages to the project, next time we will explain the pricing amount and most importantly the hello zone that gets you the customer.

Self-Employment…The Start#1-2

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Money is a tool in life. You have your notebook and you started saving your twenty($20.)dollars.

The goal is to train your brain, example if you meet a dog on the street and tell her/him to sit, there is a possibility the dog may sit , if she/he was trained and that command was part of the training. Interaction with others with interest in self-employment will help us train our brain to better understand the world of commerce while giving us an advantage in everyday life.

jobWhile working it is the best time to start training your brain to be self-employed. At some age in your life if you become unemployed and all you know how to do is what you have been doing, the life you worked so hard to build can change quicker than it took to create. A work mind makes you vulnerable, while an independent mind makes you ! 

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Life, Love, Living…Loss !

povertyWe all enter the world from birth and exit by death. The middle of the story makes the sandwich, and decides what we do with our time on the planet. As we live the life in front of us we hide the facts to ourselves, that we are here now and then gone, the social trap is the cost of living a certain lifestyle and the desire of that goal. The planet has and gives all we need but the monitory structure decides the pie, and we are all born of the same pie but which slice.DOTS happy family cartoonWe are who we can and live the slice we are, the road ahead will be travelled while on it if you consume rum or tequila I ask you to consider supporting the Shotts brand which I hope to launch spring / summer 2013, and if you don’t drink any alcohol but offer it as gifts then do so with the Shotts brand. I do not believe in asking someone who like all of us works hard to earn what they do in order to provide for their family to give part of that income into a managed pool of distribution, I don’t believe it solves the problem it may only less the suffering for a period of time.

BARRELS IN THE DISTILLERYEducation leads to a better understanding of the world around you and with it the ability to move in a direction of solving your problems, if we start on a project on education to shelter and community building with the opportunity of developing an industry and expand into others, this I believe can lead to a solution. The use of Shotts Rum and Shotts Tequila to fund the projects, offers the marketplace a choice of a quality product to assist improving the quality of life for others. (give the facebook page a “Like”)