How do you define Rich ?

Living My Life.!
Living My Life

Received a phone call from a department of a company where one client is a director, the person at the other end of the phone asked if I can expand on the definition listed on my file to better define the payments I am receiving from the company, that are authorized by the director. I asked, what is the file definition, she said it just says consultant, I asked who gave the definition and she replied that his office created the file, I said why don’t you ask him or his office and she said, that her department don’t show any qualification or credential listing for me and was curious. I ended the conversation with the simple truth. I have no credentials, I did not finish college, I just made it through high school and my only knowledge is life lived and beliefs.

The service I provide is based on my personal belief and  I have discovered that my clients  always say that they are not rich. Then I ask, if you are not rich how do you define your worth, and most answer. The rich spend money on things. We create and enjoy living. Then I ask, with all the experts available to you why consider my opinion, and they reply by explaining that experts in their view don’t offer anything other than what they have studied and if what they knew worked things would be better for them and all.

The last ten years of your life should be amazing, if on the eleventh year you look back and you did good. Then keep living !    

Yesterday….Tomorrow……and Now…Our Life is Not Lived !

From birth to now if we examine our lives, we can use the excuse that the childhood part of growing up was out of our control. But what about the adult us, have we taken control of living, do we have our life and do we know how to adjust and change if we don’t. We do but, the funny thing about advise, knowledge, answers and where to find them. We don’t, we drift and hope. Yes we say we did this and that, but think of the amazing creature that we are. We can live, earn income and be happy. We need to remember the friends or loved ones that passed on and we can slowly start moving towards the living light. Start by trying not to get upset about things, but try to focus on why they happened and what can be done or changed to help better happen. Yep, help better happen. Many have applied what they enjoy doing and earned income. It can happen slowly, quickly or even fail, but to live is doing.


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