Rum & Tequila

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Lack of education,poor living conditions, and abuse are global, broken family structure which creates most single families with the women at the head needs a solution. We believe if you can stop the abuse and lack of education from jumping to the next generation, most or all of the problems can start being corrected. Education allows for choice which leads to change, from what you know to what you learn is better. Alcohol is also global, our goal is to market Shotts Rum and Shotts Tequila and help fund the education of children and women. The plan is to start with The Girl Effect( as we believe they do great work. All updates and information will be posted at and please stop by the facebook page and give us a “like”.

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Money…Having the stream of it…!

What NowThe money game and how someone has the answer. That someone is you. We all know of a lottery winner or successful business that might be the answer to the getting rich question. Think of your family and friends along with every casual person you know, then try to determine if you truly know what they think of you, and your ability to select a project and follow through on it. Then think of the capital your project might require and while on that thinking path, consider what return is possible.

Lets open the box. If you are willing to put one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) into fruit flavoured popsicle mix. Will they as a group, be willing to put in one thousand, five hundred dollars ($1,500.00). Most will say yes because it is only a conversation, but for an honest answer you have to launch your test first. Then announce while the beta project is up.

Confused or not believing that family, friends and casual group members will not be honest if your project was in conversation stage. As a group knowing each other we wish the best emotion of expression, a solid reaction comes with an effort of your belief. The projects that go from hobby to business have been proven as a hobby. We show you how to get the honest feed back that convert the family, friends and casual group along with their other friends and casual group members into customers.

When you believe, and prove you believe. The truth stands.!