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Surprise. Yep, this happens to many at all income levels. The blindside called Covid-19 changed the norm, what will 2021 and 2022 look like with the change of business operations, employment and financial services. Is your employment secure, will your employer survive, will your savings account rebound, will your employee pension be there ?

Tomorrow the questions will still be there, along with all the hype about Gold, Financial markets, Bitcoin and Real-Estate. What will your tomorrow be like, what will your retirement be like. Will you be retiring in a down market, pandemic, contract employment, less savings and heavily mortgaged real-estate or will you be liquid and flexible. Money, protected assets and cash-flow is not interested in the colour/color of your skin, the accent with which you speak, zip/postal code and social standing. Like anything in life, you need to be in a position to consider going with a transaction/purchase or walking away. But to do any transaction/purchase without knowing exactly what you are entering into, or walking away from, will change your path in life.

SunKlub International offers a service, an escrow-membership service. This service is designed to ensure you receive the retirement living program you selected. What you do outside of the program, does not change the retirement living program you selected.

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#Destination Fridge

Covid-19 has created a new vacation destination. The fridge is now one of the most visited destinations and it might be for the next few months.

When isolation is over we will experience an explosion in family outdoor activity, most will be in the backyard as we slowly get back to the new normal of people interaction on a level of caution that is, airfive and lots of waving combined with a smile that says, keep your distance.

In time we will hug, touch and go to the malls. The camp grounds will be busy, but International travel along with all-inclusive resort vacation might take longer, and then again it might just explode. What ever happens SunKlub International is ready to serve all of you ready to explore the opportunity and knowledge offered by travel as it delivers you to your best retirement and snowbird living options.