Retirement Living

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We utilize your vacation lifestyle to build your best retirement. The SunKlub snowbird and retirement living experience is designed around travel and active living.

The condominium suite, renovated all-inclusive resort suite or detached home in the Caribbean ( including Mexico and Florida ) is stocked with food, snacks and beverages of your choice, along with concierge service. The SunKlub platform provides accommodation, meals, beverages, airport transportation, and access to added services to make your snowbird and retirement living experience the best.

Why buy a place in the tropics as you get older ? Yes you need a place to live in old-age. Having the same stress as in your working years will be a burden best managed by SunKlub.

SunKlub offers you the advantage of retirement living or snowbird living, without risking your money. We utilize escrow in a membership agreement, that manages your retirement and snowbird living experience.

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*SunKlub is not a financial service.

*We manage your best retirement living.

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