Privacy Policy

  • SunKlub International respects your privacy and values your trust. We will do everything in our power to earn your confidence so that you can enthusiastically use our services and recommend us.
  • We do not keep any member information online. All member information, profile, and medical profile or medical updates are kept or stored on files offline ( not connected to the internet or network ).
  • We do not collect the names or addresses of visitors to our Web site unless they subscribe to our mailing list.
  • We do not sell, rent or barter mailing lists of our guest whether we obtain information through subscription to our mailing list or through inquiries to our customer support. 
  • We may reveal general, non-personal data about our Web site, such as number of visitors, number of guest and services purchased, etc.
  • Any changes to our privacy policy  will be communicated through our Web site at least 15 days in advance of implementation. Information collected before changes are made will be secured according to the old privacy policy.

Safety Update

Smartphones / Cellphones are in common use, this creates security issues. For our older members. Starting with membership number Sun5- We would like to suggest the use of two ( 2 ) cell or smart phones. One would be the phone you presently use and the other, would have a different number from what you presently use. On this second cell or smart phone, there will be no social activity such as Facebook, chat or any other social interactive platform. This cell or smart phone will only be for your financial activity. Please read the email from  For more information and why this action please call the member service number.

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