#Covid19isolation : the babies are coming, the babies are coming !!!

Something about isolating a married couple, makes the husband in track pants and an exposed gut look attractive to his wife. Covid19, while taking a hammer to business of all size is creating romance in the family home.

When this is over, the mad dash back to work and organising the children, will add to the stress of redefining business loss and direction. The Government and their friends at the Banks will have to hold hands, dig deep and start the flood of capital. Not only to business, but to the people also.

Dear Government and Banks this time all the fries get gravy.

As we move ahead the balance of this year will be hectic for all of us, especially for workers in the service sector and gig economy. These workers have no support net and face unhappy consumers daily. The good side is that most consumers understand. These workers are ready, they’re ready to offer customers great deals and service. The travel industry which has been beaten and slapped around, have dust off and are gearing up to serve.


This travel and technology booking company has been working extra hard to keep serving customers, while calling on all suppliers to deliver even more value and savings. The days to follow after Covid19 will be exhausting for all of us as we put our lives back on track, and plan for the journey ahead.

Remember the experience of travel always makes for the best retirement lifestyle. CheapOair is alway ready to save you money, while offering you technology and people to deliver air, hotel and vacation best of service and adventure.

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It will pass…Time to #Vacation

The virus has shown us how anything can happen, and the importance of basic everyday hygiene. Life does not stop and this is the time to take advantage of air and vacation specials. Many travel agencies have teams of experienced, knowledgeable people and technology. Companies like CheapOair.cautilize their people and technology to navigate all situations and deliver savings.

At this present time many members, friends and family have cancelled trips and vacation. We have discovered some future specials by CheapOair.ca that will put a smile on many faces, and it comes at a time when we better understand the virus. No one person has all the answers to what we should be doing, but I know we all understand that life must and will go on. Now. No more depressing conversations, time to vacation. Remember your best retirement starts with travel 1-800-519-7760
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