#Expat living

Winter living or full time living as an expat is increasing as seniors discover cost advantages and the use of technology that allows for contact with family and friends, while away from their home country.

The expat lifestyle is an adventure not without it’s complications. Some rent a place and some buy. The people that buy into an expat community will on average pay more for a home than a local, while exposing themselves to a situation of having to sell that home to another expat if they were considering to sell. Presently the expat experience is exciting. But this is not your home country. There are many great services that will assist you with buying a home as an expat, this you cannot do with SunKlub International. We believe that it’s best to enjoy your old-age and keep your money. Do like a banker, make money with other people’s money. Yes you need a place to live. We believe you should not expose your money to the risk of real estate that’s not in your home country, or purchase property outside your home country, and buying in an area not affordable to the local population. As you live and age your body and mind change, your body may cause for the need of assistance and if your mind starts to experience memory problems, that can create many issues for an expat with property not in their home country.

SunKlub International is of the belief that your assets are safer in your home country, where it can be managed by family or laws that protect your interest. Our service offers you the sun, sandy beaches, great foodie experience, beverages and all the time you need to enjoy your all-inclusive retirement expat lifestyle, while keeping your money.

SunKlub International 1-800-519-7760 Kawartha Lakes Ontario, Canada.

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

Stop forgetting about your #Health

The most surprising thing about planning, is what we don’t believe we have to plan for. Financial planning is the most sold and considered part of retirement planning, it’s believed that once you have the money, your life is set. Yes you need money, but you don’t want to waste your money. It’s like having your dream car that you can’t use.

Retirement is a very different stage in life, the body is older and the mind is more experienced, but beaten. Hopefully you kept them both healthy for the retirement journey. An active retirement is a better retirement, and that’s the retirement lifestyle we offer. Many live their retirement with the same mindset used in their work-life, this mindset doesn’t work best for retirement. My opinion, in retirement you want to be liquid financially, vegetarian or vegan and traveling ( yes I am aware of Covid-19 ) You also want to live in a warm cool climate. With SunKlub International you can keep your home 🏡, as your home base and live the snowbird lifestyle. You can spend your winter months in Florida, Mexico, Panama and the list goes on. As you stay in these locations during the winter your SunKlub International concierge ensure that your all-inclusive experience is what you expected and more. With our service your retirement money 💰 Is not at risk, and you live like you own-it.

SunKlub International 1-800-519-7760 Email: info@solutionlifestyle.org

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.