The rise of summer work. Winter on the beach.

The beach is waiting. The time to think has passed, and we have discovered Mexico for all budgets.

Many SunKlub International members are enjoying working at home in the summer months and spending winter in Mexico. ( members also enjoy other Caribbean Islands ) Some even consider buying a home in Mexico, instead of owning a cottage. SunKlub International cannot assist you with the purchase of property in Mexico, or other Caribbean Islands. The SunKlub International platform offers advance negotiated retirement living or snowbird accommodation. This allows you to live the winter months in the tropics, without accommodation bills to pay.

Change is never easy, and to adjust your budget and family lifestyle to work in the summer months and spend winter in the tropics is out of mind. But depending on what stage of life you are, it’s not impossible. It starts with using your pass and present travel experience to help you decide where to live your winter months, and if possible adjust your vacation time allowing for more time off during the winter months.

It starts with conversation. Talk to friends, family, co-workers, and even people you don’t know. Then give us a call : 1-800-519-7760.

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Be happy. Travel.

From sunrise to sunset we work to live.

If you are planning on the retirement lifestyle of affordable housing, reasonable health-care, and friends all around. Then get your pocket ready for a surprise. The cost of life, yep I said the cost of life, is and will always be expensive. There are no shortcuts to clean inviting accommodation, healthy food, and active living.

Travel delivers the mind and body an experience called happiness. Travel delivers you to places, people,food, and adventure that only travel can. I would like the opportunity to work with you on a path that takes you to a retirement happy place. A happy place that starts with travel.

Now you need to reset. You need a better understanding of what and why you do what you do. Yep, we need to make money, so we work. But for how long, and as you get older can you personality be financially independent. How much of an income will you need in retirement.

Peter Dopson. That’s me, your happy place helper with retirement living options. Would like you to click on my link: Expedia Cruise Ship Centers and discover savings of Cruises and All-inclusive vacations. Plus at anytime you can call me at 1-800-519-7760 or email your question to: or text me your question to: 1-647-854-1779

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