Same now. Same #Tomorrow

The way you manage your life today, is an example of your life in retirement. If happy, great, keep going. If not, start changing your habits.

Breaking or changing a habit is not an easy task, you will need help from family and friends. Small changes work do this and try not to turn back. Ahead is old-age with problems of it’s own, finance, body flexibility, slow memory loss and the desire to love the sofa along with the television remote.

Get active start taking longer walks, read more, watch less television and know what you eat.

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My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.


We deliver the best retirement living experience. Our service is born from hospitality. Service is what we do. We deliver an all-inclusive retirement living experience, as if you were on your best vacation. The retirement living experience includes accommodation, which are selected or decorated to your liking. The retirement living experience also includes meals, snacks, food, beverages and activities.

The cost advantage of using SunKlub International is known before you become a member and when you start enjoying your retirement living experience. By using our service you avoid the stress of snowbird home maintenance and the advantage of membership allows you to save your retirement money.

Pension or retirement income vary, not everyone can afford to have a decent retirement. When you decide to move away from your work lifestyle, to a lifestyle focusing on yourself and love-ones. There will be a change in cash flow and the cost of living. SunKlub International is always thinking and planning ahead to ensure that you experience the best retirement options. Starting in April/2021 membership agreements will be a smart contract application on the Ethereum platform. Those wishing to use the Escrow-membership agreement, can do so.

SunKlub International Kawartha Lakes, Canada is not a Financial service. Email questions to :

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.