#Companies and future planning

Some company CEO and COO have understood the change created by technology and Covid-19, while others play the shell game of managed survival.

Walmart is a great example of leadership that employ future planning. Walmart has not just moved online, they’re investing in social platforms to add to their ability to serve all market age and area. The future of retail and service is social and many retailers of Bricks and Mortar with CEO and COO including management caught-up in their self-belief of know-all thinking, following the path of store closing and staff layoff, are stuck in a mind space of survive by waiting.

Retirement for many of the new, highly educated and experienced employees to experience job change, is difficult. Not that they’re unemployed, but they see it coming and do nothing to influence the change of the company direction, then they expect to be taken in by another company, with big hugs waiting. Companies that employ many are turning to technology as they discover that successful management can be software……

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#Retirement by SunKlub International

When you decide to change your work-life to less time working, and focus on the rest of your life. Many call this retirement, along with work-life change you start thinking about the space to occupy while in retirement and the condition of your finance. Finance is better if you are liquid, knowing exactly how much money you hold makes retirement living easier. But if your retirement income is dependent on money paid by a company or organization your retirement living future is dependent on their ability to stay in business or financially exist.

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My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.