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Welcome to the vacation lifestyle, for retirement living


What is Membership ?

  • You're part of a growing group that enjoy travel, active lifestyle and debt-free living in retirement.
  • The membership program is designed to have the all-inclusive vacation resort do all the heavy financial lifting, while members enjoy free* active healthy retirement living.
  • Get details by emailing to:  service@solutionlifestyle.org 

CFPB Escrow Trust explained

Why be a member ?

Your life is to do as you wish. We invite you to live healthy, active and debt-free in retirement. We believe a place to live in retirement should be free*. 

Q : Why should I live free of rent/mortgage and utility expenses in retirement ?

A : Old-age is not the time to spend your savings on a place to live. Quality of life will never be cheap, if you wish to live a quality lifestyle you need to build one. 

Barclays Escrow Trust explained

Membership Advantage Number 2

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