Open Minds…Win The Race Part#4

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Many people enjoy discovering and learning about others. This is why walking for health with a bonus of conversation while adding new members to your group, and as it grows create subgroups with interchanging interest that make it a happy event weekly.

Pricing is very important, it must be the same for all and it cannot feel unreasonable or not worth the amount. We believe we got it (thank you Wendy and Jose) twenty seven dollars and seventeen cents(27.17$) every two weeks each walking member, plus divided equal charges for any special events. The most successful added event which does not require the group to pool money but just make sandwiches, has been what we call the potluck sandwich picnic.

It’s a people thing, if you can smile, be yourself and open your mind to other opinions you create an atmosphere of joy that invite many seeking happy moments which evolve weekly into new walking conversations and events. Starting right is the trick, this horse does not allow you back on if you start wrong. We learned from each other as we experimented with friends of friends to understand what makes some trust what you are offering as something worth paying for. If you believe you are ready to explore a new adventure and add some coin to your bank account drop us an email or comment.

Warning: We are new at this, so lets grow and learn together.

Barn Raising for Social Enterprise: You Can Help Build Your Favorite Companies | Business on GOOD

Barn Raising for Social Enterprise: You Can Help Build Your Favorite Companies | Business on GOOD.

Life, Love, Living…Loss !

povertyWe all enter the world from birth and exit by death. The middle of the story makes the sandwich, and decides what we do with our time on the planet. As we live the life in front of us we hide the facts to ourselves, that we are here now and then gone, the social trap is the cost of living a certain lifestyle and the desire of that goal. The planet has and gives all we need but the monitory structure decides the pie, and we are all born of the same pie but which slice.DOTS happy family cartoonWe are who we can and live the slice we are, the road ahead will be travelled while on it if you consume rum or tequila I ask you to consider supporting the Shotts brand which I hope to launch spring / summer 2013, and if you don’t drink any alcohol but offer it as gifts then do so with the Shotts brand. I do not believe in asking someone who like all of us works hard to earn what they do in order to provide for their family to give part of that income into a managed pool of distribution, I don’t believe it solves the problem it may only less the suffering for a period of time.

BARRELS IN THE DISTILLERYEducation leads to a better understanding of the world around you and with it the ability to move in a direction of solving your problems, if we start on a project on education to shelter and community building with the opportunity of developing an industry and expand into others, this I believe can lead to a solution. The use of Shotts Rum and Shotts Tequila to fund the projects, offers the marketplace a choice of a quality product to assist improving the quality of life for others. (give the facebook page a “Like”)

Rum & Tequila

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Lack of education,poor living conditions, and abuse are global, broken family structure which creates most single families with the women at the head needs a solution. We believe if you can stop the abuse and lack of education from jumping to the next generation, most or all of the problems can start being corrected. Education allows for choice which leads to change, from what you know to what you learn is better. Alcohol is also global, our goal is to market Shotts Rum and Shotts Tequila and help fund the education of children and women. The plan is to start with The Girl Effect( as we believe they do great work. All updates and information will be posted at and please stop by the facebook page and give us a “like”.

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Crowd Funding…The short story…Think Church.!


Like Church crowd funding offers a gathering of like mind belief, and allows you to build your following out from that collective belief. You create a project and offer it first to your community, who in turn pass it on to other members, who deposit in the basket which comes back to you. The rewards passed on to the community are not just the rewards you offer but also the rewards of community, by understand why people are part of a group and what your success means to all is a big part of what makes for a winning project. Building a project into a community rally is work plus work and should not be confused with other projects that you believe are successful because of the platform or creativity, even the best presented projects can fail without the belief or understanding of the project by the community.


It’s a Job….Not a guaranteed return on time in.!


We get there and do what we believe is a great  job and expect all will be, and change will happen when we are ready. Surprise. In the past when community worked with industry to foster the growth of the town and small business, the thinking was as one will  prosper all will. Move ahead to today and it is I have mine, you go get yours, if you want some of mine, I will take it and leave. What happened ? Many answers to pick from and still no answer to solve the problem.

I believe we have to start rebuilding with more love for ourself and others. We start by creating the next era of products with concern for community as we decide on a manufacturing location, the effects on the planet, and the value of the product and related services, while taking into consideration a living income. This does not mean we are not part of the free market or of a non capitalist belief, this just means we want to earn as to live and retire to a bed at night and rise the next day to food and air that is not slowly killing us.

Capital is King. The present system serves some well and as such will continue to do so. The growth in Crowd Funding brings back the opportunity of community CO-OP finance  and gives us a chance to untie ourselves from the guide rope of dead-end jobs. We educate our children as to better the growth of a prosperous society, not to have them bow out and settle for what is. As I mentioned before CrowdFunding can play a major role in the Future of building new industry and put our great children onto the path vision they see for their future jobs and families.

I have worked on projects that employed Crowd Funding to raise capital, what we experienced is that the banks don’t need to invest in small business or industries in start-up or expansion. The banks can make money overnight with little or no risk and provide for the people they serve, this does not mean that banks are not caring, we must understand they are a business driven by profit and power, not help and hugs.!