How to Win Financially #aftercovid19

Got Ya. It’s going to be a crazy ride for the rest of 2020 and most of 2021, and lots of people will have advise to offer. But you should consider advice, and keep your money, stocks and real estate locked. (This is only an opinion, not advise !) When the dust settles there will be confusion and opportunity. Still you need to be careful about the advise you get and the advice you receive, there will be less retail employment, more software employment, swings in gig and service employment. Manufacturing will use the Covid-19 experience to shrink people employment and move more to Bots or close, there will also be a consolidation in manufacturing and distributing sector.

The upside will be the large number of employees taking early and regular retirement. This will open employment up for a few, not the many. The era of Big North American manufacturing is over, we are moving to service, software and finance. These industries employ technology, people with the know-how and those with the ability to self-finance to take advantage of the service offerings. Government employment might do most of the heavy lifting, but this can cause problems for our currency, if the Government gets too heavy. Now about winning financially after covid-19, who knows.

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Flat Footed Politics

Today’s politics easily sells the cookbook, that other communities are the problem for many problems. The reason of a middle class collapse, loss of industry, loss of prosperity and asset value loss. The constant message of this cookbook allows the rich to hoard asset options, grow wealth and create a fog filled room of bumper car opportunity.

We the public…More soup please. As our bodies hover over the ground, butterflies flap in our stomach and our mind exercise caution. We move ahead. The reset for us all will be delivered by natural events, our Earth is alive and moves slow, but with caution. Karma is coming, there will be change in weather, there will be change in land mass, there will be new virus and there will be more homeless. The fix is not money, as a species we always had money. We created more when there was a desire for some to find a way to acquire more. But did we create more money in time to better monitor and react to forest fires, did we create more to better control plastic waste, did we create more to develop and fund housing policies, did we create enough to better educate our global population, did we…The list is long and we all know the list. We will all be okay, nature is patient and we the public will have another cookbook. A cookbook of true possibility, a cookbook that will deliver a mindset of 1+1= We.

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