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Today and everyday that goes pass we seldom think of our retirement lifestyle. End of full-time work life or retirement is a stage in life when you experience changes in your body, mind and finances. Yes, most Governments have a system in place for the retiring population, it’s nothing like the retirement program of Government management and senior level employees, but it’s there for us. If the Government program is all you want, you still need to plan and investigate what Housing is offered or available, what financial benefits will you receive, what additional health service and care is available, also if you had to seek Housing outside of the Government program, can you afford it.

Retirement living, in clean, comfortable, lively accommodation that’s affordable is possible. But it has proven to be difficult when doing it at the last minute. Meaning; you decide to start investigating retirement living options only months before you need a place to call Home in retirement.

SunKlub International offers retirement living accommodation options, in America, Canada, Mexico and other Caribbean Islands. Our service is all-inclusive; includes snacks, food, meals, beverages, activities and more.

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#Hospitality and Retirement Living

The hospitality industry is associated with tourism, hotels and travel. SunKlub International applies hospitality to retirement living, offering a level of service to your retirement lifestyle equal to or higher. The properties we engage with, employ our combination of adult care and hospitality in the ongoing team training program, this program ensures that the team understand your medical and active lifestyle needs.( as listed in your escrow-membership contract )


The membership program ensures that in retirement, you enjoy retirement living without the stress. No mortgage or rent payments, no utility bill payments, no maintenance fee payments, no meal charges, no beverage charges, no snack charges, and no activity fee charges. You live an all-inclusive active retirement and snowbird lifestyle.

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