Soon we will be back at the beach, planning the next trip, talk without a mask, plan a family and friends get together, have a meal in a restaurant and hug. This will happen, we are a contact animal. It may not happen the rest of this year. But we might be in for a big New Year celebration, or a very Video event.

Soon we will be back at the beach planning the next Snowbird or Winter getaway trip. Will it be on a Cruise Ship or at an all-inclusive resort. When it comes to the norm of vacation, any Travel Agency or online Booking Engine can deliver a mass market package. But if you would like to enjoy how you spend your hard earned money. SunKlub International can start working with your direction on tropical location, suite size, distance from others, meals, beverages, temperature controlled medication storage ( at select properties ) activities and more.

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#2Jobs and no money

Ever feel like you are going up a hill that never ends, or you can’t stop, if you stop the whole deck of cards just comes crashing down.

Do the math. It takes many to have less money and desire more stuff, so a few can have more money. Credit is the new wealth factory, we no longer build factories to employ workers and export goods, it’s easier for those with capital to play the stock market and invest with financial companies to earn profit and grow wealth.

2 jobs and no money, after you pay living expenses and interest on loans, along with credit cards, what’s leftover ? Yep the Government will give you a place to live along with meals and care in retirement. That’s what everyone is thinking. If this is your plan, we can’t help you. But if you wish to have a Travel-Trailer and live Spring, Summer and Fall at a full service seasonal lot, then stay the Winter in Florida or Mexico, we can help. If you wish to live Spring, Summer and Fall at a Lake-Cottage or resort, then spend your Winter in Las Vegas, Florida or Mexico. We can help. If you……

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