Avoid #retiring #broke

Today and everyday that goes pass we seldom think of our retirement lifestyle. End of full-time work life or retirement is a stage in life when you experience changes in your body, mind and finances. Yes, most Governments have a system in place for the retiring population, it’s nothing like the retirement program of Government management and senior level employees, but it’s there for us. If the Government program is all you want, you still need to plan and investigate what Housing is offered or available, what financial benefits will you receive, what additional health service and care is available, also if you had to seek Housing outside of the Government program, can you afford it.

Retirement living, in clean, comfortable, lively accommodation that’s affordable is possible. But it has proven to be difficult when doing it at the last minute. Meaning; you decide to start investigating retirement living options only months before you need a place to call Home in retirement.

SunKlub International offers retirement living accommodation options, in America, Canada, Mexico and other Caribbean Islands. Our service is all-inclusive; includes snacks, food, meals, beverages, activities and more.

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#Value or #Victory

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Will education deliver value or victory to the many seeking a path to a better life. I believe the victory in the value of education, is when you receive the life lesson of social interaction, along with the possible ability to earn your way, to your success. Everyone in life learns, some learn in the classroom, others learn from life, maybe we all learn from life and the classroom offers a path to social adaptive living : Get a job, follow the rule of the law, and die broken in poverty. Oh sorry, that last sentence should be. Die happy, accepting the outcome, while saying thanks. I believe that for a society to grow successfully, a strong value based education is needed for all. Everyone.

The Global World of Electronic Social is a platform of vanity not vision, it’s the feel good movement enclosed in rose petals and delivered by advertisers. It’s the media that says, you have the power. This is happiness. The App of your new life is on the Electronic Social platform, it offers guidance on employment, food, places to live, vacation, clothing and the list never stops. Is the guidance of value to your life victory, or is it entertainment. If you wake-up early enough to capture the balance of your life path, you can understand that the Electronic Social is all about marketing. Life is not vanity, it’s ugly and painful, if you catch the dream in time to wake yourself, lets talk about your real retirement living options.

info@solutionlifestyle.org 1-800-519-7760 Kawartha Lakes Ontario, Canada.