Be happy. Travel.

From sunrise to sunset we work to live.

If you are planning on the retirement lifestyle of affordable housing, reasonable health-care, and friends all around. Then get your pocket ready for a surprise. The cost of life, yep I said the cost of life, is and will always be expensive. There are no shortcuts to clean inviting accommodation, healthy food, and active living.

Travel delivers the mind and body an experience called happiness. Travel delivers you to places, people,food, and adventure that only travel can. I would like the opportunity to work with you on a path that takes you to a retirement happy place. A happy place that starts with travel.

Now you need to reset. You need a better understanding of what and why you do what you do. Yep, we need to make money, so we work. But for how long, and as you get older can you personality be financially independent. How much of an income will you need in retirement.

Peter Dopson. That’s me, your happy place helper with retirement living options. Would like you to click on my link: Expedia Cruise Ship Centers and discover savings of Cruises and All-inclusive vacations. Plus at anytime you can call me at 1-800-519-7760 or email your question to: or text me your question to: 1-647-854-1779

Enjoy Travel, love your Retirement

Live responsibly, and enjoy. We know that we live only once. But we forget to enjoy our life.

Travel is an eye and mind opener, it allows you to discover places, people, lifestyles, language, religion, and food with a side-order of knowledge. All this gives you your best retirement options. Retirement is not the time to hold yourself back or be afraid to adapt a new lifestyle experience, it’s the time of life to do all and more.

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The retirement plan

Retirement living is not a place or plan, it’s a mindset.

Retirement living by SunKlub International is living your best and most enjoyed vacation. It’s no work, no stress, and no thinking, just doing the life you earned.

Too many think retirement is a senior lifestyle of social moments with other seniors, talking about ills, pain, cold soup and pills. Retirement is reward time, it’s the time in life you enjoy, you paid for retirement with the many years of work and life struggle.

The work and life struggle of mortgage or rent payment, the work and life struggle of family building, the work and life struggle of all that was, and now your time to focus on travel, discovering and active retirement living.

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Million dollar home or fifty thousand dollar mobile home, in Florida, you use the same ocean, you can shop at the same mall, and you drive on the same road. Getting-by or living large Florida gives you a great retirement lifestyle.

Florida is not known for all-inclusive resorts. SunKlub International works for you. We get you the all-inclusive resort lifestyle for your retirement adventure. To understand what we do, to make this possible for you. Call: 1-800-519-7760 or email your questions or request to: 

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Q: What is the difference between a timeshare and what you offer  ?

A: Our service place you on a resort you choose for the term of stay you select, it’s like booking a long or short all-inclusive vacation. Our service does not have charges like maintenance fees (HOA), you are living the active retirement lifestyle at a tropical resort with full amenities. The suite size and decor can also be selected from samples offered, based on your contract stay.

SunKlub International 

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  • We encourage a healthy, active retirement, based on travel and resort living.
  • We show you the cost advantage of membership, over spending your own money.
  • We show you the advantage of the resort living lifestyle, over buying or renting.
  • We show you options that offer luxury travel trailers or luxury trailer resorts.
  • As you get older life mistakes are harder to get over, emotionally and financially. Take the time to email us at  ask your questions and have answers emailed back to you. No hassle, no stress, no mistakes.
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Planning takes time or time takes planning


Your knowledge can help others in places that don’t look like yours, but are safe and friendly.

Don’t judge a book by the cover.

Teach children what you know and watch their minds grow, while you save on your tropical resort lifestyle living cost. 

SunKlub International

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