Free. Everyone loves this word.

What free really means, is that you will pay eventually.

No one will or can work for free, in a World that everything and everyone cost money. The life you live now will be different from the life you will live in your senior years. You may require assistance, you may require special accommodations, you may require more money. If you’re fully active, as a senior, you have options. Your decisions can deliver an active lifestyle senior adventure, or an extension of the lifestyle you presently live.

Retirement can be a crap life, if you let it happen. Somethings in life cannot be guaranteed or controlled. While living your healthy active lifestyle, you can be planning your active healthy retirement lifestyle.

SunKlub offers active retirement living options. Email questions about retirement living options to: info@solutionlifestyle.org

SunKlub Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada. 1-800-519-7760

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

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Raised by my mother.She taught me to plan with patience and experience to achieve the best results.Dropped out of high school,and returned to finish after a year of working my way across Canada.Took a course in College on social issues to build a better society.Discovered I was wasting my time because I know we are an adaptive creature.What I know is from low end jobs, great relationships and my Library card,which offered shelter and knowledge.