Your #mindset

Enter the village. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. But what does it take to raise an adult.

As you grow up. The term everyone understands. What mindset does it take to be a successful adult, an adult that can think and understand what is possible to achieve goals, and what’s unlikely to develop if you don’t plant the seed or develop a realistic plan.

We allow our mindset to be programmed by social interaction. What we feel comfortable with, is what we like. Then, it must be right for us, not good for us, but right for us. The path that you follow, leads to a place that’s easy to accept, your friends are there and the problems are common. In debt, constantly consuming, love the word ‘SALE’ and hope will fix the future.

At SunKlub International. The mindset is, escrow has proven to keep your money safe, and membership of like minds, utilize the power of group to achieve economic advantage.

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My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

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Raised by my mother.She taught me to plan with patience and experience to achieve the best results.Dropped out of high school,and returned to finish after a year of working my way across Canada.Took a course in College on social issues to build a better society.Discovered I was wasting my time because I know we are an adaptive creature.What I know is from low end jobs, great relationships and my Library card,which offered shelter and knowledge.