Why our service is #Best

The staff are people. They are the same as the people they serve, people have feelings. Institutional facilities function on efficiency of applied capital, which does not always account for emotions. Our programs ensure you have a service experience, born from hospitality. Hospitality is an industry of service for reward. From this starting point we work with the care team educating them on your personality and preferences.

The people of the care industry, are hardworking, dedicated individuals trained to deliver a service to an individual. The problem shows up when you have too many, needing the same service at the same time. You get less caregivers for more people needing care, which invites a gap for error and a drop in service quality.

We learnt a very valuable lesson from the hospitality industry. Time management, mental focus, and the art of ability multiplication. To many a good waitress, cook, bartender or anyone working in the service industry is just a person working in a low-end job. But only the best at what they do in this industry, stay in these jobs, while increasing their worth to build their lives. Many from the service industry have businesses and successful lives.

The hospitality industry is a people industry. From this successful service platform, we developed a training program that helps caregivers, better understand how to deliver their services and ramp-up quality and service, at a balanced manner, when required.

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My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

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Raised by my mother.She taught me to plan with patience and experience to achieve the best results.Dropped out of high school,and returned to finish after a year of working my way across Canada.Took a course in College on social issues to build a better society.Discovered I was wasting my time because I know we are an adaptive creature.What I know is from low end jobs, great relationships and my Library card,which offered shelter and knowledge.