Reinventing #income

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Where will future income be created from. In a World of financial services via apps, with no human interaction. Factories moving to zones of less restrictions, the service industries after Covid-19 closures, limited re-openings, and the lack of real funding for small, personal and medium business. The bigger problem is what industry can quickly and easily get the economy moving. Many have said hospitality, recreation and tourism. The next move is managing your new life of work and retirement, will it be a working retirement. Many are discovering the cost of living, is creating a life of existing, with the rising cost of housing, food and even just getting around your City or Town is expensive.

The reinventing of a good income, affordable housing along with money to enjoy or save, is feeling impossible. Some say change your career, others say go back to school and then you have the buzz statement of, be an entrepreneur. All this adds up to a difficult road ahead for what will be working into old-age. It can’t hurt to start a conversation with us, about options of retirement living. Email questions to:

SunKlub International Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada. 1-800-519-7760

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

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Raised by my mother.She taught me to plan with patience and experience to achieve the best results.Dropped out of high school,and returned to finish after a year of working my way across Canada.Took a course in College on social issues to build a better society.Discovered I was wasting my time because I know we are an adaptive creature.What I know is from low end jobs, great relationships and my Library card,which offered shelter and knowledge.