Jobless With A College Degree: An Alarming Statistic

Jeremy R. eACKLES

After years of putting in countless hours of hard work, tiresome all-nighters, expensive tuition, expensive textbooks, and extremely demanding classes, it is now that time all college students look forward to doing: walking the stage with your hard-earned college degree. What a relief it is! But now what? Since you finally have the college degree, what is the plan now? What shall I do with it? Well of course the plan is to go out and find a career in your field of study that requires a 4-year college degree, but unfortunately for half of college graduates nowadays, this is not the case.

According to a Forbes magazine article, half of college graduates are working jobs that don’t require a degree. This is an alarming statistic. As a current college student, this is an issue I feel a lot of students of today should be concerned about. After all the…

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Published by peter dopson

Raised by my mother.She taught me to plan with patience and experience to achieve the best results.Dropped out of high school,and returned to finish after a year of working my way across Canada.Took a course in College on social issues to build a better society.Discovered I was wasting my time because I know we are an adaptive creature.What I know is from low end jobs, great relationships and my Library card,which offered shelter and knowledge.

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