Michigan Liquor Law

As you may remember, the local approval process has undergone two changes in the past twelve months.  The first change occurred last February.  The second change occurred last June.  Now, perhaps just to keep us on our toes, MLCC has changed the local approval process again.

According to Licensing staff and supervisors, the current status of local approval requirements is as follows:

  1. Local Government approval (on the LC-1305 resolution form) is required only for (1) the issuance of new licenses that permit on-premise consumption by the general public, and (2) reclassification of an existing on-premise license (not including a reclassification of a Class C license to a Tavern license).
  2. Local Government approval is not required for dance, entertainment, or dance/entertainment permits.
  3. Local Government approval is not required to transfer an existing license to a new local government unit.
  4. Local Law Enforcement approval is only required for a…

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