It is time for Ontario to join the present World !

Schoolhouse Craft Beer

Is Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal minority government undemocratic? It would seem so. Time and time again Ontarians have come before the Queen’s Park Legislature to present petitions containing over a hundred thousand names, all in favour of making beer and wine available in corner stores and other retail outlets. Each time the petitions have been brought to the Premiere, they are quietly ignored and nothing is done.

Polls suggest that this is not an isolated group of people who would like to see change. Angus Reid conducted a poll in 2011 asking people over 19 if they supported private retailers selling beer and wine. Overall 60% of those polled said it was time for the laws to be reformed. That number jumped to 67% among regular customers of the LCBO and Beer Store. In areas near the Quebec border (such as Ottawa) the number is over 70% in favour…

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