We are moving membership to the ethereum platform starting March/April 2021. All present membership contracts linked to an escrow agreement will stay in place, and those wanting to can change July/2021.

The members not comfortable with the technology can stay on the escrow membership agreement.

The smart contract will allow for savings and more information details with this application. We have emailed information via service@solutionlifestyle.org We also suggest calling for verbal explaination on how using the ethereum platform with the contract application ( smart contract ) saves you money, protects your wishes and serves you better.

SunKlub International will also be managed by an LLC in 2021 Kawatha Lakes, Canada. My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.

Does this #mirror make my #life look better.

Life with social media is more like the curved mirrors of the carnival. Years back the carnival rolled into small towns of North America, offering shows, games, food experiences and the maze of mirrors. Today, the carnival has been transformed into social media, offering shows, games, foodie experiences and the mirror maze of financial lifestyle possibilities.

Reality has also experienced a change, with cable TV and social media, serving up the reality of marriage, life of wives and real estate modern day tycoons. But the other reality deals with changing employment, income, lack of manufacturing investment and the shift of capital to stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency and offshore industries.

The new best friend of capital is technology and together, they plan to change the world into their better place. The people of this new and growing world will enjoy their reality. SunKlub International understands change, this is why we created a service that allows you to live in retirement with all your living needs protected in an agreement linked to your escrow-membership. This program allows you to enjoy the tropics as if on an all-inclusive vacation, and if there is an act of nature like a storm, you don’t have to worry about property damage or loss.

Email to: info@solutionlifestyle.org SunKlub International Kawartha Lakes, Canada.

My name is Peter Dopson and I thank you for your time.