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In time, as we all adjust to living the era of covid-19 the next chapter will be enjoying time with everyone, from human, animal to plants and all of life. The journey of growing into old-age will be better understood, by some. Others will go back to living to work and hoping someone will be there to assist them in old-age.

Mexico is no longer the secret of the snowbird groups and travel clubs. Social media has uncovered all secrets, hidden gems, nomad hotspots and foodie hideouts.

The journey starts with knowing why you have to work and the life you build from years of work. Retirement is not an age. Retirement is a lifestyle. The life you live now, will create your retirement lifestyle, what you eat, how active you are, do you read information that benefit your lifestyle, do you save with a plan, do you travel. Every small activity of living grows into a big bonus or waste when you are older.

We have a Mexico secret and when you are ready to get back onboard a plane. We have retirement and snowbird living options in Mexico, along with great deals with CheapOair.


Have a #pension Watch this.

We manage your retirement and snowbird living accommodation. This is possible with our escrow-membership program. A program that ensures you have a place to call home along with a lifestyle, when you retire.


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